What a Year!

Well, now that we are about five months in, 2021 has proven to be as …. interesting … 2020. Illness, the passing of dear friends, and now … Dagoh Creations is moving! The owners of our home are selling, so Himself and I are purging/packing and looking for a new place to call our Sanctuary. … Continue reading What a Year!

Baby Alien, and Others

The yarn is in … the project started. Because this commission is for a baby, I used two types of yarn, just to see what would work best for a wee one. I started with a cotton yarn, with the thought of “baby will slobber”. My own sensitive hands found the cotton was too rough. … Continue reading Baby Alien, and Others

Welcome to 2020

It’s a new year, and a new decade, to boot.  It comes with all the hope and promises of a new start, new promises and a new outlook on life.  Resolutions abound. I don’t do “resolutions” per se.  To me, they are promises to oneself that are broken within the first month, leaving me with … Continue reading Welcome to 2020