Welcome to January 3. Today’s project was to be an Easy Granny Square Poncho. Notice the was? I think the pattern was written in UK terms. Which is fine, I can translate, but as I did it in US terms, it wasn’t working out. When I did it in UK terms, it was even worse. … Continue reading Oof!

New Name, New Adventure

Over the past little while, I have been working on making Wyvern Hold a legit business in my province.  Jumping through hoops and being patient, is so not my strong suit.  Imagine my disappointment when the name I have loved for a couple of decades was denied. I sat down and chose three new candidates, … Continue reading New Name, New Adventure

Baby Alien, and Others

The yarn is in … the project started. Because this commission is for a baby, I used two types of yarn, just to see what would work best for a wee one. I started with a cotton yarn, with the thought of “baby will slobber”. My own sensitive hands found the cotton was too rough. … Continue reading Baby Alien, and Others

Long time, No see!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write in this blog. I’ve been sidelined by a shoulder injury. Tendonopathy, to be exact. Crocheting has been painful, and knitting is totally out of the question. It’s been boring, not being able to have a hook in my hand, and make magic with yarn. … Continue reading Long time, No see!